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About Us

Breaking the Broken Records is an Independent record label founded in early 2011 to house a variety of projects that were taking place to display and share those projects under one roof. Since starting with this core network of artists, Breaking the Broken Records has continued to build and work with a wide range of artists from different styles and continues to publish these works through this site.

Breaking the Broken Records do not cater for one genre or style only and continue to pride ourselves on the vast array of different productions we work on, from Post Rock to Ambient to Drum ‘n’ Bass, we continue to strive to bring new and inspirational music to the world.

Latest Releases

Repeater - Memories and Motions

Debut LP by Repeater- Released on 01/04/13

Call For Help Transmission Signals EP 2013  cover

Debut EP by Call for Help – Released 01/03/13


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